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Big lovable bull!

Yak , Bull (male) |Imperial Trim

IYAK - Foundation# Z012, USYAKS# 12B33 | DOB: 8/14/2012 (11 yrs)

Sire: HPY Yogan
Dam: TAYL Ebony
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Ivan has become one of our farm favorites because of his quiet and gentle personality, which I am sure he inherited from his sire Yogan. Ivan is a big imperial trim guy with impressive handlebar horns. Ivan has produced three very impressive batches of calves.

Ivan loves to have his head scratched, went into the chute willing when he used to fit. He will work his way into the chute even though our small one is a tight fit. He has learned to stand against the fence to get brushed and will switch sides on cue.

Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
Cattle Introgression - 0%
Cattle Alleles - 0
Mitochondrial DNA - Yak
Coefficient of Inbreeding -- (-0.0670)

Updated 10/2/2023