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Yak , Cow (female) |Native Trim

IYAK - Appendix# A113-B0, USYAKS# 13B35 | DOB: 7/1/2013


Other: If pregnant there is no additional fee.

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Peggy is a proven cow that has produced a calf for us each year. She is a fantastic mother and produces our largest calves. Even though her lineage in unknown, she is a very pretty and traditional looking yak. Peggy is easy to manage, she occasionally will ask for a neck scratch. Peggy has never shown us any type of aggression and has always been fine with us when she has a calf at her side.

Peggy has been exposed to our bull. She is expected to calve late fall/early winter.

Peggy was purchased with our first small herd at the age of 18 months. She was minimally handled and wasn’t tame. She is the last of our original 5 and is one of my favorites. I am reluctant to sell her, but we are keeping her 2019 heifer. We are a small operation and are focusing on keeping the yak that enjoy us as much as we enjoy them.
Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
Mitochondrial DNA: Unknown
Cattle Introgression: 0
Cattle Alleles: 0
Coefficient of Inbreeding: 0.0300

Updated 10/2/2023