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OHY Calhoun

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Yak , Bull Calf (male) |Native Trim

DOB: 9/28/2019

Sire: Hannan

A Ladies Man!


Bull (male) Native

IYAK - Foundation# A061,& nbsp;USYAKS# 13B21 DOB: 7/4/201310 yrs
Our bulls are getting more combative with each other, so one or both need to find their own new herds. Hannan has growin to be quite the looker! He won top herd position this fall over our other bull, Ivan. Hannan is easy to manage and move. He has never shown us any sign of aggressive behavior, but doesn't appreciate being touched like Ivan does and will let us know with a shake of his horns. Hannan has produced some really impressive calves the last two years, he definitely passes on his w ...
  | IYAK - Foundation# A061, USYAKS# 13B21 | Native
Dam: Chestnut


Cow (female) Royal

IYAK - Foundation# 2D155,& nbsp;USYAKS# 16B43 DOB: 2/27/20168 yrs
  | IYAK - Foundation# 2D155, USYAKS# 16B43 | Royal

Other: Very friendly bull calf. Has fantastic bloodlines, would make an excellent future herd sire. If I didn’t love his mother so much, I’d sell her and keep this guy for a herd sire. Reminds me of his sweet sire that we sold last year.

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Updated 10/2/2023