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Meet Our Team


Heavy Lifter / Feed Getter / Pasture Maintainer / Fence Fixer / Financier

Nathan is an essential part of OH Yaks. Without him the heavy stuff wouldn't get lifted, the feed and hay wouldn't arrive, the pastures would be over run with weeds. the yak would be running down the highway and the bills wouldn't get paid.


Feeding Lady / Wrangler / Fiber Extractor / Birthing Coach / Nurse / Expert Yak Scratcher

Jamie is the day to day lady. Most importantly she lovingly mixes and feeds the gang each morning. She wrangles when necessary, it's her duty to bestow the yearly fiber extracting torture (this really isn't torture, the yak just get cranky about it), supports the girls through calving (one of favorite chores), cares for the sick or injured (this is rarely necessary) , and gives vaccines. Jamie's favorite job is just hanging with the herd and giving all the scratches they desire.

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